| Monday, June 25, 2012

You evil!

If this 2 words were associated with anyone else, it would have just illustrated the definition of those 2 words. But if it were to be associated with you, an entirely different perspective emerge. 

The tone, the pronunciation, the emphasize, the pitch. Everything. As I read these 2 words the very first time and subsequent times to come, I could clearly picture your voice saying it. And for some reason, it makes me happy to be able to have such clarity in my mind.

More than half of this semester break has passed. Soon, it'll be back to the busy schooling schedule and meeting once or at most twice a week. But baby, I promise that I would do my best to squeeze in every little bit of free time possible to spend it with you ok? And rest assured, you'll never step out of my mind the whole time. 

I love you

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| Monday, May 14, 2012

Just 4 more days till I see my baby girl. And in between, 3 days will be spent in Msia! So time will be passing by really quickly! Can't wait! The anticipation is killing me! Just want pull her into my arms and never ever let her go. 

Packed within 15mins. Partly cos I chose the clothes beforehand so all I had to do was get the toiletries and miscellaneous stuff into the bag. The jacket is so thick it makes my bag look so huge. And I spent some time contemplating whether to put the dslr into my backpack but finally decided that a camera bag is pretty useful to bring around. 

Hope I don't leave anything behind. And tmr have to wake up at 0530hrs! Will be taking 187 down to my old workplace, Bukit Batok Fire Station where Irene's house is located and then take a cab down to Golden Mile. I figured this would be faster as the hour plus train ride to Lavender plus the 15mins walk to Golden mile would be more time consuming than a 20mins bus ride to Bukit Batok followed by a 30mins cab ride assuming traffic gets abit congested. 

I'm so looking forward to this trip not just cos its going to be so fun, but also cos I get to see my baby girl the day after I get back! Wheee!!

I love you baby!

Posted by Jasper at 10:26 PM | 6 comments


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| Friday, May 11, 2012

The course is finally over! What a long week! Finally I don't have to wake up at 7:05am (even though tmr I still have to wake up early around 0830). Don't have to put on office wear and sit still for about 8 hours! 

Today taught us how to handle objections and do closing. I was pretty stressed with the phone calls we had to make in the evening where we call our friends to secure appointments. I was abit kan chiong so I secured 3 before hand and then I realize my schedule for this month is so pack that the nearest available appointment I am available is 2 weeks from now. So anyway, I made one phone call and thats it for the day. Don't want to plan a date that is too far away plus need guidance from my dad.

Baby girl, thanks to photos and the internet, I am able to see your daily photos and honestly speaking, it has been really motivating just by looking at them. 

After all, this is the girl I'm working for too. :)

I love you

Posted by Jasper at 11:16 PM | 1 comments

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| Thursday, May 10, 2012

Haiz, Rejection is so not easy. Not looking forward to tmr. 10 is crazy!

My best days are certainly not this week, nor will it be anytime soon until my baby girl returns to my side. So looking forward to more pictures!

Posted by Jasper at 11:15 PM | 13 comments

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| Wednesday, May 09, 2012

How adorable is that?

I realize this girl of mine likes to pose like this. Which is really quite a nice pose, no qualms about that. 

Love how happy she looks and the top I chose. 

I love you baby!

Posted by Jasper at 9:38 PM | 12 comments


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Even when you're 10895km away.
Appreciating every single photo and message you sent.

Its another day that I am going to make the effort to sleep early. Seriously I'm starting to worry about orientation camps and how I can survive 5 days straight with minimal sleep! Oh man!

Anw the course is getting more and more interesting as the days pass. Today was mainly on sales techniques rather than knowledge base information on the many different kinds of policies. Its nice to get reminded that I have a friendly outgoing personality and have the ability to talk to anyone esp at times when I doubt myself on how this career is going to take off. Today is such a day. Sitting in a hall where the trainer preps you for all kinds of rejections that you will face is demoralizing to say the least. Thinking of how I'll have to approach my friends and face their rejections, and being told that on the 5th day, we are supposed to call and make at least 10 appointments. Oh man! But then, a video was presented on how to effectively communicate with others, how to get people to like you etc, and I'm like hey, isn't that what I normally do already? I have already subconsciously integrated these social skills into me. Thats not all, after which my course mates on the same table as me mentioned that I am really suited for such a job, and have no problem talking to anyone. Wow. Really encouraging. 

Lastly, today's lesson showed the importance of insurance and savings. In many ways, its like religion. Or God in that sense. People only come to them when they are in dire jeopardy, before that, they find it a waste of time, effort and money. Only when something tragic happens to them or someone close then they realize the importance. By then, its too late.

I want to make sure all my friends are protected in this sense and that none will ever live to regret not making this decision. But, just like how logical it is to teach a child how to brush his/her teeth, the child might never see the importance of it till decay occurs.

Well, at the end of the day, the important thing is that I as a friend have offered this access. It's up to them whether to take it or not.

Posted by Jasper at 9:34 PM | 1 comments


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| Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Will you?

Was too tired to write a post last night and now isn't exactly very early either. Having plans after work is draining! I've decided to cancel tmr night's plans so I can recuperate for the last 2 days at course. 

Today is slightly better than yesterday, cos instead of having to sit through 8 hours of lecture, we had a 2hr quiz in the morning which was open book and i think only 1 person out of the 50 of us failed (I wasn't that 1 person k!). Then we had a short 2hr lecture followed by lunch! The trainer gave us a 1hr 40mins lunch break till 1:40pm before we ran through the actual sales program that we would be using till about 4:15pm and thats it! 

Unfortunately, I had arranged to meet Vishnu, Sihan and Tirmidzi at 5:30pm at City Hall so I had like a lot of time! Slacked in my dad's office which was really boring cos there's like nothing to do till about 5.10pm before heading out. Dinner was all about catching up and talking nonsense. Fun times!

3 more days! And I don't have alot of formal wear lor! All the ones I used to have are oversized cos last time always wear oversize clothes even though I was so skinny. Jia lat. Maybe Friday have to repeat what I wore on Monday lor! hahaha! Hope no one notices. heh!

I miss my baby so much. Looking forward to your pictures and updates!

Love you!

Posted by Jasper at 11:42 PM | 3 comments

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| Sunday, May 06, 2012

Thats one cute expression! Showing how much you want the pillow!

Posted by Jasper at 10:22 AM | 1 comments


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Will you? Cos I will!

Here's an update of what exactly happened yesterday. Went to church with my brother and sister and as usual, we went to have breakfast at the nearby shop. Half boiled eggs with toast and friend crispy fish and tofu. Super nice. Then headed back to church for the main service. Thats the last I remember holding on to my wallet. I only realized it wasn't on me when lunch was about to start! I ran all the way to the shop, back to church, checked out the rooms that I was in the last few hours and back to the shop again but no sign of my wallet. Abit paisei cos the customers were looking at me run in and asking the staff if they saw my wallet. At this point I was really quite sian cos inside got 3 cards that can be used to spend. Not to mention my NTU card and driving license. Thats when Hong Qi called me and told me he found it. Phew!

Up till now, I have no idea how it ended up at the back of Thomas' bag in the church youth room. Apparently when Ming Sheng heard about me losing my wallet, he immediately got up and went to search for it with Hong Qi. Touched!

Then I went to the Mt E with the Hades people (I cant totally imagine you pronouncing it as 'heads' HAHAHA) to visit Nicholas who had an operation to close the hole in his heart. He has to stay there for a whole week! Anw there were like 2 groups of friends before us and another 2 groups after us visiting him. Luckily his room mate checked out liao (he also stayed 2-bedded room). So the room could accommodate so many people and we were so not quiet.

Headed home after that and took 162 from town to Novena. This mere ride had the greatest impression of you on me the whole day! The bus, the journey, the scenery where I saw Ion, Scotts Square where we had Wild honey and I saw the stones outside that I criticized to you about how I can never appreciate art. Far East plaza with the Old Town White Coffee. Haiz.

Went for dinner downstairs cos Andrea wanted to eat kangkong. Been spending so much cos I have been paying for the 3 of us (breakfast and dinner today) and imagine I paying a portion of the hotel tonight plus i treating my socialpsych group tmr! Wah! Can die! Hope I faster start closing cases and earning back! hahaha!

Anw, I know I said this quite a few times, but even though this trip that you went has just merely started, the overwhelming feeling that I get is a first. I have never ever felt this way in my life. Its an indication to me, that you're definitely the one.

So, will you stay? In my heart?

Posted by Jasper at 8:39 AM | 30 comments


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